Inspiring feedback from past students of our Risk Management and ERM certification programs. Discover their success experiences.

Completing the ARiMI-CERM™ and ARiMI-CPRM™ programs provided me with a useful approach and roadmap to operate as an effective risk manager for my organization. Given the multitudes of risks my company is exposed to, ARiMI’s Enterprise Value Risk Assessment (EVRA) provides focus on the risks that really matter, the key risks affecting key resources and processes. EVRA has been approved as the official risk assessment process for my company’s operational risks. 

ARiMI-CERM™ also serves as the guide in developing the risk maturity and ethical risk awareness culture of my company. Marc always emphasizes that risk management requires an ethical, risk-aware culture and approach, and he lives by example.

I appreciate that Marc is approachable. He still coaches me on how to address specific risk management concerns I encounter in my work.

Rose Salazar-Dacanay

ARiMI-CERM™ & ARiMI-CPRM™, Home Development Mutual Fund I PHILIPPINES

I was starting out as a young manager, heading the risk management function in my organization and I was never comfortable and convinced with what consultants have been “selling” to the organization. But things quickly changed and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have Marc as my teacher in ARiMI when I decided to pursue a certification in enterprise risk management. He shared his wealth of knowledge in risk management in the most engaging manner, often combining risk management theories with invaluable work experiences and events that happened in the past and present.

What I found most rewarding from Marc’s coaching philosophy was that he has instilled confidence in me, and I believe also to all his students, to design and internalize a robust risk management framework for my employer and potential future employers. 

It is obvious that there isn’t a risk management framework that fits a “one-size-fit-all” bill and Marc ensures that he had time to communicate with us and give us tips to assist us in our work.

I am a proud gradudate from batch AX22 and I have been applying Marc’s teachings to great effect in my course of work. I would strongly recommend budding risk management professionals or anyone who needs guidance in risk management to engage Marc and ARiMI.

Teo Ti-Pin


The online learning portal is very useful. I would recommend anyone who wish to learn in depth about risk management to undergo training under ARiMI.

Nor Salmy


Marc demonstrated excellent qualities not only as an experienced risk strategist, but also a captivating and truly inspiring lecturer and mentor. During the 9 months of the ARiMI-CERM™ certification class, I was impressed with his ability to combine a deep understanding of the theoretical tenets of risk and compliance with their practical applications on complex real-life cases. I could not recommend him more.

Steffen Feike

ARiMI-CERM™, Airbus Defence & Space l GERMANY & UAE

ARiMI-CERM™ programme is an in-depth and comprehensive certification programme that is well-recognised, and provides practical real-world training to risk managers.

Tan Kuo Ping


It’s a very organised risk programme and clear instructions by a very experienced trainer who’s clearly an expert in the field – ONE of the BEST courses I’ve attended!

Pauline Sim

ARiMI-CERM™ & ARiMI-CRA™, Ministry of Home Affairs l SINGAPORE

This course confers a comprehensive and realistic perspective on risk and crisis management, effectively delivered by Marc, a risk management expert. He has provided an enriching perspective on risk management in an easy-to-understand and applicable format.

Shamilah M.

ARiMI-CERM™, National Cancer Centre Singapore l SINGAPORE

The course should be attended by all risk managers. Good application of risk ideas and factors taughts in the course!

Vasantha Gopal

ARiMI-CERM™, National Heart Centre Singapore I SINGAPORE

Have the privilege to attend the CERM™ course by ARiMi conducted by Marc Ronez. It opened my eyes to what risk management out to be and should aspire to be – to become the conceptual tool of choice for all!

Francis Lo

ARiMI-CERM™, Singapore General Hospital l SINGAPORE

Marc has got the highest level of expertise in the Risk Management subject I have ever witnessed in my career as Risk Practitioner. His approach to coaching is top class because of his ability to associate different disciplines to demonstrate risk issues. From his coaching, I have been able to improve my techniques in risk assessment and risk communication.

Sadi Shemliwa

ARiMI-CERM™, National Social Security Fund l TANZANIA

Marc provided a fresh perspective on Risk Management, amalgating the universe of methodologies into a single course. He let his course attendees had a glimpse into the multifaceted world of risk management, and helped us to understand not just the technicalities, but also the spirit of what it means to be a Risk Manager.

Lee Cheh Hsien

ARiMI-CERM™, Ezra Holdings l SINGAPORE

Marc is a very experienced trainer and coach who puts his teachings across clearly and succinctly. He is a strategic thinker with strong business acumen and therefore is able to discuss and illustrate how the content of his training impact business across different sectors. It is one of those highly enriching sessions conducted by a thought leader who is proficient with facilitation and inculcating change.

Fan Tuck Chee

ARiMI-CERM™, Ministry of Home Affairs l SINGAPORE

I attended the ARiMI-CERM™ program conducted by Marc in 2013. I found Marc very knowledgeable in his field, particularly his ability to relate to the various industries. What I liked about the training he delivered is how a single case in point can be viewed in many risk perspectives… amazing! 

Marc opened my eyes on how I can become more effective on my job and further fuelled my curiosity to seek out all possible scenarios in the management of risk. Thanks Marc for your guidance!

Veejay Madhavan

ARiMI-CERM™, Prudential Corporation Asia l SINGAPORE

Marc is a thought leader in the area of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). His ability to transform his vast experience into practical concepts and great learning experiences for Risk Management Professionals is outstanding. 

Marc has moved the concept of ERM well beyond the stage of being a theoretical concept to the stage of being a real value-add business function. Breaking up the silo management of process of traditional special risk areas like Financial Risk, Operational Risk, Safety & Security, fraud and many others, his approach truly focuses on achieving the business objectives of any organisation rather than pure control & compliance. 

I, therefore, highly recommend Marc as coach and expert in the area of Enterprise Risk Management.

Vasantha Gopal


Marc is an expert risk strategic and an excellent mentor and coach. Having participated in the ARiMI CPRM™ program in 2015 in Singapore, I have progressed on 12 months later to establishing my own safety, risk & strategy consultancy in New Zealand. Marc has a wealth of experience which he is able to blend into his coaching programs, making theories and models come to life in business.

I would recommend engaging Marc without hesitation. And as a business owner now, will be looking to send my talent to Marc to attain the cutting edge expertise I have been fortunate to obtain through Marc’s tutelage.

Nathan Hight


The ARiMI-CPRM™ course was a highly productive 8-day program, providing a solid foundation in understanding risk and risk management. It covered methodologies for conducting thorough risk profiling, assessments, measurements, and developing mitigation plans. As part of the first batch to attend the live online program, I found the experience highly engaging despite the switch to online learning. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take their first step and delve deeper into risk management.

Stephanie Chua

ARiMI-CPRM™, Corporate Planning Manager l BRUNEI

Along my journey in risk management, I have learned there are 2 ways to get valuable insights on Risk Management – by experiencing a crisis and by interacting with experienced and smart people. Marc pertains to this category of people, helping you to challenge and extend your view on many critical areas of risk management. The CPRM™ program developed by Marc was definitely a pleasant and useful experience in my career. And needless to say that talking to Marc on risk matters is not only inspiring and helpful, but also far more enjoyable than experiencing a crisis.

Philippe D'hannoncelles


Marc is a professional coach who shared a totally new perspective to Enterprise Risk Management. During the CPRM™ course conducted on live online, his deep knowledge, expertise and wit in delivering the training added a lot of depth into the topic. I was well engaged and totally passionate about risk management, how it impacts our working lives and business environment.

The CPRM™ course has heightened our risk awareness and made us more confident of managing our risk exposures.

Tng Ay Koon


Topics covered were relevant in today’s context and practical to apply in my work. Course instructor has the wealth of experience to impart his knowledge to the participants. He was open to questions and provided relevant solutions to address issues faced in current environment.

Rachel Chang


Every manager in functional area of Project Management, Finance Management or Marketing must attend a Risk Management program. And there’s no better place to learn the techniques of Risk Management in Asian region other than ARiMI. 
The faculty is excellent and the administration very helpful and proactive in providing solutions.

Radharamanan Panicker

ARiMI-CPRM™, Dangerous Goods Management Group I INDIA

A very comprehensive course for understanding the fundamentals of Risk Management within an organization, including tools and concepts applicable to ERM.

Dior Kuek


The instructor demonstrated exceptional mastery of risk management. The effective teaching strategy encouraged engaging discussions, leading to creative approaches and solutions for case studies. I highly recommend ARiMI programs to benefit from their expert faculty.

Leslie Espina


Extremely insightful and practical, this course was instantly applicable to my job. Marc is a fantastic instructor who simplifies complex concepts effortlessly. Thank you!

Timothy Soh


I found Marc very passionate about his field of expertise which is risk management and he provided me with real insightful knowledge in this field. He is a dedicated lecturer and I enjoyed his courses. I will always  be thankful to him in guiding me to obtain my risk management certification with a distinction!

Ramesh Nair

ARiMI-CPRM™, Standard Chartered Bank l SINGAPORE

I attended ARiMI’s Risk Management course some time ago in late 2012 stretching into 2013. The CPRM™ course taught by Marc Ronez has served me well over the last decade in identifying risks and finding cost effective ways to mitigate them over the three to four organisations that I have worked for since 2013.

While this recommendation is written (in 2024) some time after the course, the fact that I have written it proves the applicability and usefulness of lessons that Marc thought. If he is still conducting the course, I recommend it heartily, and with no hesitation. Marc Ronez is an expert in this area.

Leong Heng


The ARiMI program fundamentally changed the way I think about business and I wish I had undertaken it 20 years ago. This was in large part due to Marc’s expertise, analysis and humour that made risk management an engaging topic for learning (no easy task). He is an excellent teacher. I was also (pleasantly) surprised by Marc’s in-depth understanding of the particular challenges facing not-for-profits. This was unexpected and made my time with Marc and ARiMI even more valuable.

Luke Vardanega

ARiMI-CPRM™, Anglican Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn I AUSTRALIA

The ARiMI-CPRM™ course was a highly productive 8-day program, providing a solid foundation in understanding risk and risk management. It covered methodologies for conducting thorough risk profiling, assessments, measurements, and developing mitigation plans. As part of the first batch to attend the live online program, I found the experience highly engaging despite the switch to online learning. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take their first step and delve deeper into risk management.

Stephanie Chua

ARiMI-CPRM™, Corporate Planning Manager l BRUNEI

Thought it would be a struggle to deliver a topic like Risk Management over a long 8 days period. But because of the excellent way Marc has facilitated the training, I have learned well and benefitted much from the course. He had a great way of putting across the information (of a very dry subject) in a very entertaining and engaging manner.

He shared real-life case studies, videos and lively discussions to make the whole experience so interesting and fulfulling. It was one of the BEST training courses I have attended. Thank you.

Alan Puan

ARiMI-CPRM™, EPM International Holdings l SINGAPORE

The CPRM™ is a well-structured program that is relevant and applicable to my work. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and team discussions as it gave us the opportunity to practise what we have learned. The instructor is an exceptional trainer who is able to bring across the concepts clearly and is open to sharing his experiences.

Pamela Koh

ARiMI-CPRM™, Land Transport Authority l SINGAPORE

I attended the CPRM™ certificaton program at ARiMI in 2011. The course is very productive; it enlarges my experience and knowledge of risk management as well. Besides, I have also met classmates from different industries and countries.

The instructor has rich experience in this area and lots of creative view point on problem solving. His CSS methodology is very useful in looking at company key processes and key factors to define risks. Such methodolgoy can be used for work and personal life.

Rong Chen


Marc is a great instructor who explains the courework very clearly. His past work experiences also make the course really interesting and relevant to what we are learning and why we should apply what we have learnt to our actual work.

Lim Ming Shun


The instructor is a highly experienced and competent Risk Strategist, far beyond a typical ‘consultant’ trainer. He understands the practical challenges faced by commercial companies and offers relevant, practical solutions.

Eunice Tng


The ARiMI-CCRO™ program is an extensive and efficient program that equips today’s risk professionals with skills and knowledge to be above the competition.

Ryan Joseph A.

ARiMI-CCRO™, De La Salle University Manila l PHILIPPINES

I am very glad I chose the CRA™ program offered by ARiMI. I aimed to gain a comprehensive understanding of Risk Management and its various frameworks, and Marc delivered exactly that with engaging use cases that made learning more practical and insightful. Additionally, the diversity of attendees brought valuable perspectives to the class discussions. I strongly recommend this course!

Colin Lee