Fundamental Certifications (4 & 5 Days)

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Build Strong Specialist ERM Expertise

Embark on your enterprise risk management (ERM) journey with the transformative ARiMI’s Fundamental Certifications. These dynamic 4-day to 5-day programs cater to executives, managers, and senior managers, meticulously crafted for swift and effective knowledge building in pivotal areas like Risk Analysis, Project Management, Governance, and Change Management.

Furthermore, these sessions provide a concise yet comprehensive approach, perfect for those seeking a shorter duration without compromising on high-quality risk management education. At ARiMI, we not only condense time but also significantly amplify expertise, ensuring a fulfilling and impactful certification experience.

Moreover, these targeted ERM certification programs bring invaluable advantages to young executives aspiring to expedite their development in the realm of risk professionals.

Explore ARiMI’s four ERM Fundamental Certifications, tailored for professionals. These certifications are core components of our two ERM complementary learning streams, that are centered on People Development and Organizational Improvement:

Certified Risk Analyst (ARiMI-CRA™)
Certified Project Risk Planner (ARiMI-CPRP™)
Certified Compliance Risk Officer (ARiMI-CCRO™)
Certified Change Management Practitioner (ARiMI-CCMP™)

Your journey to excellence starts here. Enroll today for a transformative impact on your career and organizational success!

Explore the Four ERM Fundamental Certifications



Empower participants with tools for comprehensive risk assessment and mapping in projects and organizations.



Master Project Risk Management skills, aligning resources with risks for successful project completion and organizational success.



Equip professionals with knowledge, tools, and methodologies to create a GRC strategy integrating control systems with corporate culture.



Cultivate Change Champions & Leaders leveraging Risk Management for innovation and impactful corporate transformation.