3-Day Risk Champions Master Class

Foster expertise as ERM Champions, mastering the journey from design to integration for sustainable, profitable growth!


10 September 2024


3 Days


100% Live Online


Certificate of Completion

Course Overview

Step into a transformative experience with the  3-day Risk Champions Master Class, where Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) transcends conventional boundaries. In this course, we revolutionize your approach to ERM, going beyond regulatory compliance and avoiding the pitfalls of superficial “box-ticking” exercises. Our mission is to cultivate ERM Champions who can adeptly drive initiatives from design to integration. Uncover the art of seamlessly implementing ERM to enhance operational reliability, build crisis resilience, and create conditions for sustained profitability. This isn’t just a class; it’s a journey to reshape your organization’s capacity for excellence in risk management. As a Risk Champion, you’ll emerge equipped to lead, innovate, and elevate your organization to new heights of success. Join us and redefine what’s possible in risk mastery.

Learning Objectives

Landscape Influencing Key Risk Issues

Develop a comprehensive grasp of the business, social, and regulatory landscape influencing key risk management issues, justifying enterprise risk management for any organization.

Communication Skills for Stakeholder Engagement

Acquire communication skills to articulate the business case to diverse stakeholders, considering cultural and psychological factors influencing decision-making processes.

Challenges in ERM Implementation

Gain insight into challenges organizations encounter when implementing ERM, actively participating in and contributing to ERM changes within the organizational system and culture.

Leadership in System Enhancement

Cultivate the ability to take a leadership role, advising directors and senior managers on system improvements, effective communication strategies, and minimizing resistance for enhanced adoption speed.

Course Modules

Risk CHAMPIONS Modules:

Leading ERM Initiatives/Projects for Organisations

RCM1: Designing ERM - Risk Management Frameworks, Systems & Culture

This module provides a comprehensive framework to design an ERM system and policies adapted to your organization’s business needs and maturity, allowing you to address business issues, stakeholders’ concerns, and new regulations in an efficient and integrated manner. ERM can yield tremendous potential competitive advantage for an organization through an integrated, enterprise-wide perspective on its risk profile aligned with its business model.

RCM2: Implementing ERM - Systems Change & Nurturing A Risk-Aware Culture

This thought provoking and practical module will give participants an insight into the various ERM change methodologies and models, and their implications for corporate systems and culture transformation. You will learn a project implementation roadmap on how to nurture the type of risk-aware culture able to learn and adapt to continuous changes in the environment, and thus creating sustainable value for your organization.

RCM3 - Sustaining ERM: Managing Changes, Crises & Business Sustainability

This module emphasizes the importance of ERM in building organizational capabilities for continuous learning and business renewal. It provides a roadmap to deal with change and crises, using a practical problem-solving approach with a focus on the importance of system resilience, stakeholders’ perceptions management, effective crisis communication, and preparedness in preventing or controlling crisis situations.

Course Information

Accessible to executives and individuals seeking career advancement through specialized development opportunities.

Course Dates

9 September 2024 (Mon): Program Orientation (up to 1 hour)

10 – 12 September 2024 (Mon – Wed): Modules RCM1, RCM2 and RCM3

Registration Deadlines

10 July 2024: Closing registration date for Early Bird

2 September 2024: Closing registration date for the rest, including registrations with ARiMI Grants

Registration usually closes two weeks before the program begins.


Published Course Fee: SGD 2,405.00 nett

Early Bird Course Fee: SGD1,845.00 nett (register by 28th March 2024 to be eligible)

Course Fee with 20% ARiMI Grant: SGD 1,924.00 nett

20% Group Discount:

Register two or more participants from the same company for the program and receive a 20% discount on the published course fee. Discounts do not apply to examination fees and cannot be combined with ARiMI Grants or other offers.


  • Fully live online training
  • Interactive experiential learning
  • Blended learning
  • Collaborative learning (high-level peer engagement)
  • Allow flexible learning to combine work and study
    Personal coaching
  • Attend a minimum of 75% of the required 3 modules.
  • Participates are encouraged to be engaged actively during workshops

Chart Your Path to Excellence: Begin Your Learning Voyage with Us

The Path Forward After the Risk CHAMPIONS Master Class

Elevate your expertise further by enrolling in the Risk PROFESSIONALS Master Class – the perfect next step to deepen your knowledge and skills.

Delve into advanced concepts and strategies to refine your risk management prowess. For the ultimate recognition of your proficiency, consider registering for the direct examination after you have completed the Risk Champions and Risk Professionals Master Classes, leading to Certified Enterprise Risk Professional (ARiMI-CERP™).

Don’t miss this opportunity to solidify your position as a Certified Enterprise Risk Professional!

Step 1

Risk CHAMPIONS Master Class

After completing the 3-day Risk Leaders Master Class, only two steps stand between you and the ARiMI-CERP™ certification.

Step 2


Secure your spot! Elevate your skills in our 5-day Risk Professionals Master Class for unparalleled professional development.

Step 3


Be recognised for your expertise! Register for the ARiMI-CERP™ certification examination and advance your professional credentials.