Certified Cyber Security Practitioner (ARiMI-CCSP™)

Empower your future in cybersecurity. Register for ARiMI’s Certified Cyber Security Practitioner exam and become a frontline defender against evolving threats.

Exam Frequency

Every Quarter

Preparation Time

4 to 8 weeks


  • Self-Study,
  • Live Online


ARiMI-CCSP™ Fundamental Certification

Cybersecurity, also known as computer or information security, involves safeguarding computers, digital devices, networks, and data from theft, damage, and unauthorized access. The increasing interconnectivity of global systems with the growth of the internet has unfortunately created more opportunities for malicious actors to steal, damage, or disrupt digital assets. This has led to a significant surge in cybercrime, resulting in a heightened demand for cybersecurity solutions and professionals.

The job potential in the field of cybersecurity is vast, with double-digit annual growth expected for the next decade. To address this demand and contribute to the growing need for skilled professionals, ARiMI offers the Certified Cyber Security Practitioner (ARiMI-CCSP™) certification. Earning this certification demonstrates and validates your expertise in IT security, confirming your ability to design, implement, and monitor a comprehensive cybersecurity program. Join us in becoming a key player in defending against evolving cyber threats.

Required Knowledge & Skills Domains

The ARiMI-CCSP™ certification encompasses the following key cybersecurity knowledge and skills domains: 

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Understanding

Have a holistic understanding of cybersecurity, encompassing fundamental principles, network security, safe internet practices, and endpoint protection.

Effective Security Habits

Cultivate effective cybersecurity habits, including strong password creation, secure internet practices, and adherence to organizational policies.

Incident Response Mastery

Master the critical steps of incident response, from detection to recovery, and understand the importance of prompt reporting and documentation.

Data and System Protection Proficiency

Demonstrate proficiency in protecting sensitive information, implementing encryption, practicing data and system backup best practices.

Cultural Integration of Cybersecurity

Integrate cybersecurity into organizational culture, recognizing the role of individuals in fostering a security-conscious environment and reporting suspicious activity.

Legal Compliance and Governance Competence

Show competence in navigating the legal landscape of cybersecurity, understanding key issues for regulator intervention, and adhering to compliance requirements and organizational policies.

Exam Modules

The ARiMI-CCSP™ Certification encompasses a comprehensive framework consisting of 10 modules.

Module 1

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Module 2

Basic Cybersecurity Principles

Module 3

Network Security

Module 4

Safe Internet Practices

Module 5

Password Security

Module 6

Endpoint Security

Module 7

Data Protection

Module 8

Incident Response

Module 9

Cybersecurity in the Risk Culture

Module 10

Regulations, Internal Controls & Compliance

Path to Certification

Register for Your Exam

  • To take your ARiMI virtual online exam, register on this platform. Exams are available during specific testing windows, occurring once every quarter.
  • Choose your exam date (details coming soon), complete the payment to confirm registration, and secure your selected exam date.

Prepare for Your Exam

  • It is advisable to allow 4 to 8 weeks for exam preparation.
  • To support your exam preparation, you will receive the ARiMI Exam Handbook, Study Guide and mock exam.

Sit for Exam

  • After confirming your date, you will receive access and exam details to the exam portal. The portal will only be open on the day of the exam.
  • You will have two hours to answer 100 multiple-choice questions for the exam.


Receive Your Certification

  • Once submitted, the exam will be graded according to the Institute’s certification requirements. Upon successful completion, you can expect an email with the exam results.
  • Information on exam grading can be found in the Exam Registration Booklet, which you can use as a reference.


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Exam Information

ARiMI-CCSP™ caters to both non-IT and IT professionals engaged in or hands-on with organizational security systems.

It’s ideal for career advancement or transitioning into cybersecurity roles.

There are no specific prerequisites for the ARiMI-CCSP™ exam.

However, having knowledge and experience in information systems or computer networking would be advantageous.

Exam Dates

Dates will be released soon. Exams are available during specific testing windows, occurring once every quarter.


Registration & Exam Fee: SGD 535.00 nett 

Fee includes ARiMI Exam Handbook, Study Guide, and mock exam.

The exam will assess your knowledge and practical understanding using the knowledge statements from ARiMI’s Risk Management Body of Knowledge (ARMBoK) for the ARiMI-CCSP™.

    To earn the ARiMI-CCSP™ certification, candidates are required to:

    • Take a two-hour online exam consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions
    • Passing requires a minimum grade of 70%.
    • Adhere to ARiMI Code of Professional Conduct 
    • Agree to fulfill the requirements of ARiMI Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy applicable to certifications

    Keep an eye out for forthcoming registration details!

    Instructor-Led Certification Programs Available!

    Prefer guided learning over self-preparation for ARiMI’s certification? Consider attending one of the four available Fundamental Certification programs to boost your learning experience!



    Empower participants with tools for comprehensive risk assessment and mapping in projects and organizations.



    Master Project Risk Management skills, aligning resources with risks for successful project completion and organizational success.



    Equip professionals with knowledge, tools, and methodologies to create a GRC strategy integrating control systems with corporate culture.



    Cultivate Change Champions & Leaders leveraging Risk Management for innovation and impactful corporate transformation.