5-Day Risk Professionals Master Class

Develop yourself as Risk Management Expert, mastering the journey from diagnostic to treatment for sustainable and  profitable growth!


7 October 2024


5 Days over 2 Months


100% Live Online


Certificate of Completion

Course Overview

Dive into an enriching experience with our 5-day Risk Professionals Master Class, thoughtfully curated to navigate the dynamic realm of risk management. In response to global regulators highlighting the pivotal role of ERM in today’s reshaped business landscape, our program recognizes the indispensable contribution of the risk management team. Our mission is to equip professionals with cutting-edge methodologies, tools, and refined leadership skills, empowering them to proficiently set and manage the ERM function. Enhance your capabilities and cultivate robust relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey where theoretical insights seamlessly merge with practical applications, allowing you to emerge as a strategic risk professional adept at navigating complexities and instigating impactful change. Enroll in the Risk Professionals Master Class and redefine your influence in shaping resilient and forward-thinking organizations.

Learning Objectives

Governance Structure Enhancement

Design a corporate governance framework fostering transparency, responsibility, and accountability to substantiate the business case for enterprise risk management in organizations, ensuring robust risk oversight and alignment with business goals.

Ethical Compliance Mastery

Examine the detrimental effects of unethical behaviors, understanding their repercussions, and formulate robust ethical and regulatory compliance systems to enhance governance practices within organizational frameworks.

ERM and Audit Coordination

Harmonize ERM and Internal Audit functions, ensuring precise management control, thereby amplifying the organization’s capabilities in managing risks effectively and strategically.

Stakeholder Trust Building

Foster trust among key stakeholders, constructing a resilient competitive edge on reliable foundations, elevating corporate reputation through steadfast commitment and transparency.

Performance Management Innovation

Innovate risk-adjusted performance management systems, fostering sustainable and profitable growth by aligning corporate performance with meticulous and effective risk management strategies.

Course Modules


Mastering the Process for Managing Risk & Value

RPM1: Corporate Reputation & Stakeholders Risk Management

In today’s volatile and competitive world, the value of corporate reputation is a key component of business and organizational performance. This module provides participants with a road map on how to manage Reputation as a strategic asset to create competitive advantage in the marketplace. It covers how to manage communication with key stakeholders to build a strong relationship and a survival guide on how to preserve reputation through a crisis.

RPM2: Corporate Governance & Risk Management

Corporate collapses and the financial crisis have highlighted the weaknesses of existing internal controls and risk management systems and the need for a higher level of corporate governance to better align and protect the diverging interests of the various stakeholders in the corporate “game”. This module will guide you through a comprehensive plan on how to strengthen corporate governance by promoting transparency, accountability and effectiveness in management practices.

RPM3: Corporate Ethics, Fraud & Compliance Risk Management

This practical module will provide you with the most updated current methodologies and best practices to protect your organization against fraud with strong corporate ethics, effective prevention and detection systems. Participants will also understand the extent to which organizations are exposed to the ever-increasing regulatory environment, how to identify the risk and compliance issues that have most significance and how to integrate and leverage a compliance management program within the ERM system of your organization.

RPM4: Corporate Control, Internal Audit & Risk Management

This module provides a practical roadmap on how to conduct effective Risk-Based Internal Audit (RBIA). Explore how to strategically utilize risk-based methodologies in planning and conducting audits, ensuring thorough assurance on the adequacy of integrated risk management practices and management control frameworks.

RPM5: Corporate Performance & Human Capital Risk Management

This module introduces a methodology for mapping human relationships within organizations to identify their impact on organizational performance. Discover how to influence and shape behavior and culture to foster sustainable value creation. Learn to develop and utilize risk-adjusted Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align with organizational objectives, ensuring that your staff’s behavior supports business performance and interests.

Course Information

Accessible to executives and individuals seeking career advancement through specialized development opportunities.

Course Dates

9 September 2024 (Mon) or another day in October: Program Orientation (up to 1 hour)

7 – 9 October 2024 (Mon – Wed): Modules RPM1, RPM2 and RPM3

5 – 6 November 2024 (Tue – Wed): Modules RPM4 and RPM5

Registration Deadlines

7 July 2024: Closing registration date for Early Bird

2 September 2024: Closing registration date for the rest, including registrations with ARiMI Grants

Registration usually closes two weeks before the program begins.


Published Course Fee: SGD 3,650.00 nett

Early Bird Course Fee: SGD 2,795.00 nett (register by 24 April 2024 to be eligible)

Course Fee with 20% ARiMI Grant: SGD 2,920.00 nett

20% Group Discount:

Register two or more participants from the same company for the program and receive a 20% discount on the published course fee. Discounts do not apply to examination fees and cannot be combined with ARiMI Grants or other offers.


  • Fully live online training
  • Interactive experiential learning
  • Blended learning
  • Collaborative learning (high-level peer engagement)
  • Allow flexible learning to combine work and study
    Personal coaching
  • Attend a minimum of 75% of the required 5 modules.
  • Participates are encouraged to be engaged actively during workshops

Chart Your Path to Excellence: Begin Your Learning Voyage with Us

The Path Forward After the Risk CHAMPIONS Master Class

Elevate your expertise further by enrolling in the Risk PROFESSIONALS Master Class – the perfect next step to deepen your knowledge and skills.

Delve into advanced concepts and strategies to refine your risk management prowess. For the ultimate recognition of your proficiency, consider registering for the direct examination after you have completed the Risk Champions and Risk Professionals Master Classes, leading to Certified Enterprise Risk Professional (ARiMI-CERP™).

Don’t miss this opportunity to solidify your position as a Certified Enterprise Risk Professional!

Step 1


After completing the 5-day Risk Leaders Master Class, only two steps stand between you and the ARiMI-CERP™ certification.

Step 2

Risk CHAMPIONS Master Class

Secure your spot! Elevate your skills in our 3-day Risk Professionals Master Class for unparalleled professional development.

Step 3


Be recognised for your expertise! Register for the ARiMI-CERP™ certification examination and advance your professional credentials.