Certification in Strategic Risk Management (ARiMI-CPRM™)

Empower everyone to excel with the Certified Professional Risk Manager program, we guide you in mastering the art of successful risk management. Gain valuable insights and skills to navigate today’s challenges with confidence.


28 May 2024


8 days over 3 months


100% Live Online


ARiMI-CPRM™ Professional Certification

Overview of Strategic Risk Management Program

Becoming a Certified Risk Leader cum Expert Decision-Maker

The Certification in Strategic Risk Management course, designated as the Certified Professional Risk Manager (ARIMI-CPRM™) program, is your gateway to becoming a Strategic Certified Risk Leader and Expert Decision-Maker in today’s VUCA world. This comprehensive program is tailored for individuals from any function within an organization, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make strategic and operational decisions to achieve the desired results effectively. Designed to address specific business and operational challenges, the program focuses on defining optimal course of actions to meet set objectives regardless of the challenges faced.

Navigating Risks and Crisis Management

Furthermore, participants will learn to navigate unexpected deviations and disruptions, with effective crisis management, ensuring the continued achievement of organizational goals. Throughout this transformative journey, participants will gain in-depth insights into risk issues, master risk management principles, and utilize effective methodologies and tools. Elevate your organizational, managerial, leadership, and communication skills with the ARIMI-CPRM™ Program, ultimately becoming an expert in risk management leadership.

Learning Objectives of Strategic Risk Management Program

ARiMI’s Certified Professional Risk Manager program goes beyond knowledge and certification; it’s about applying what you learn to tackle real-world risk challenges. Executives and managers armed with ARIMI-CPRM™ will:

Understand Risk

Build an in-depth and dynamic understanding of the factors that influence the emergence of risks and opportunities in organizations in today’s global economic, regulatory and cultural context.

Conduct Risk Diagnostic

Acquire a practical, comprehensive and cross-disciplinary knowledge (from strategy, finance to psychology) of Risks/Opportunities identification, mapping methodologies and tools, as well as the analytical ability to interpret data for effective strategic and operational decision-making.

Master Risk Communication

Develop the skills to communicate risk information to various groups of stakeholders, while considering the cultural and psychological factors that influence how people make decisions

Implement Risk Treatments

Develop and implement the effective risk management controls, financing and optimization solutions to increase the reliability of operations, build resilience, manage crises and foster innovation/value creation in your organization.

Achieve Return on Risk

Improve decision-making & performance by allocating and using effectively scarce resources to manage prioritized risk/opportunities issues to create the conditions for sustainable and profitable growth.

Modules of Strategic Risk Management Program

Risk LEADERS Modules:

The Essential of Risk & Value Management

RLM1: Risk-Taking & Value Creation Management in Organisations – Principles, Theory & Practices

This introductory module offers a framework for crafting a dynamic vision of risk management, known as Enterprise-wide Risk Management (ERM). It provides a roadmap to comprehend the origins, current scope, and purpose of ERM principles, methodologies, and tools. Topics covered include definitions of risk, the risk maturity model, role functions, and the benefits of risk management. It also explores aspects such as corporate governance, stakeholders, various global risk management models, and successful implementation strategies.

RLM2: Business Ethics, Social Responsibility & Corporate Value Sustainability

In a morally ambiguous world lacking a definitive guide for leaders facing dilemmas in managing risks and opportunities, this module delves into the intricate ethical and social aspects of business. It offers a framework to assist participants in making and justifying tough decisions. Additionally, it examines the construction of a business model centered on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to generate shared value by positively impacting the environment, consumers, employees, and other stakeholders.

RLM3: Innovation, Change & Project Risk Management

This module is rich with essential content, focusing on the basics of project risk management. Participants will acquire skills in establishing and executing a systematic approach to predict, monitor, and address risk factors in both large and small projects. Additionally, the module guides individuals on effective communication and distributing the responsibility of managing project risks among team members, customers, and management.

Risk EXPERTS Modules

Mastering the Process for Managing Risk & Value

REM1: Risk Assessment & Corporate/Project Value Profile Diagnostic

Modern organizations now grapple with increased volatility and complexity in today’s global business environment. Making effective decisions demands a thorough diagnostic of the organization’s risk profile. This module introduces the Value and Risk mapping model, emphasizing benefits and outlining the process of identifying, analyzing risks, and creating risk maps. It also explores diverse applications, some unconventional, for implementing risk mapping in an organization.

REM2: Risk Learning, Communication & Decision Making

This module offers techniques and training to cultivate individuals who can adeptly navigate the art and science of communicating about risks with diverse internal and external stakeholders. This proactive approach involves anticipating risk issues, preventing crises, and, if unavoidable, mitigating and overcoming the resulting damage.

REM3: Risk Control & Business Continuity Management

This module imparts insights into designing ERM Models tailored to address an organization’s risk exposures effectively. Participants will grasp key risk controls safeguarding both tangible and intangible assets. The module navigates through diverse risk management strategies, elucidating their functionality and recommending their most suitable application.

REM4: Risk Financing & Transfer Solutions

This module offers a comprehensive insight into the extensive array of losses an organization may face and the potential financial repercussions. Participants will acquire knowledge of key risk financing techniques to safeguard both tangible and intangible assets. The module guides on the strategic selection and application of financing techniques, emphasizing the careful analysis of pros and cons linked to transfer, retention, and insurance methods.

REM5: KRIs/KPIs Dashboard: Risk Monitoring, Reporting & Improvement

Effective risk management relies on proper risk metrics. This module delves into the crucial processes of strategic/operational response and continuous change learning for an efficient risk control system. It elucidates explicit structuring and monitoring, employing reports and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) distributed timely to aid decision-makers.

Program Information

The Certification in Strategic Risk Management for the ARiMI-CPRM™ program requires:

  • University degree with 3 years work experience.
  • Non-degree holders need about 6 years of work experience.
  • Prior risk management experience is a plus but not mandatory.

Course Dates

27 May 2024 (Mon): Program Orientation (up to 1 hour)

28 – 30 May 2024 (Tue – Thu): Modules RLM1, RLM2 and RLM3

24 – 26 June 2024 (Mon – Wed): Modules REM1.2, REM1.2 and REM2

23 – 24 July 2024 (Tue – Wed): Modules REM3, REM4 and REM5

Exam Date

26 July 2024 (Fri): Online Exam

Registration Deadlines

27 March 2024: Closing registration date for Early Bird

14 May 2024: Closing registration date for the rest, including registrations with ARiMI Grants

Registration usually closes two weeks before the program begins.


Published Course Fee: SGD 5,225.00 nett

Early Bird Course Fee: SGD 3,995.00 nett (register by 19 January 2024 to be eligible)

Course Fee with 25% ARiMI Grant: SGD 3,918.75 nett

Course Fee with 35% ARiMI Grant: SGD 3,395.25 nett

Exam Fee: SGD 415.00 nett

20% Group Discount:

Register two or more participants from the same company for the program and receive a 20% discount on the published course fee. Discounts do not apply to examination fees and cannot be combined with ARiMI Grants or other offers.

How to qualify for ARiMI Grant?

  1. To be eligible, applicants must have active  LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.
  2. After completing the ARiMI certification program, it is imperative that applicants must acknowledge the professional designation on LinkedIn and other pertinent platforms. 

How to apply for ARiMI Grant?

  1. Submit completed registration form to begin the ARiMI grant application process.
  2. Specify your interest in applying for the Grant, and we will provide the ARiMI Grant application form for eligible applicants.

Note: ARiMI Grant cannot be combined with early bird course fee and discounts.


  • Fully live online training
  • Interactive experiential learning
  • Blended learning
  • Collaborative learning (high-level peer engagement)
  • Allow flexible learning to combine work and study
    Personal coaching

Assessment & Feedback:

  • Self-evaluation
  • Group and peer evaluation
  • Faculty Feedback

Candidates are required to:

  • Meet the certification assessment requirements
  • Adhere to ARiMI Code of Professional Conduct
  • Agree to fulfill the requirements of ARiMI Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy applicable to certifications.

Professional Risk Manager Certification Assessment

  • Attend a minimum of 75% of the required 8 modules.
  • Participate activity and engage in workshops.
  • Take a two-hour online exam consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions.
  • Passing requires an overall grade of 70%.

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