Certified Change Management Practitioner (ARiMI-CCMP™)

Elevate Your Journey through Embracing Change, Navigating Uncertainties with Risk Management Expertise for Corporate Innovation and Transformation Success.


11 September 2024


4 days over 3 months


100% Live Online


ARiMI-CCMP™ Fundamental Certification

The ARiMI-CCMP™ program addresses the urgency for organizations to adapt in a dynamic global environment. It develops Change Leaders leveraging Risk Management for innovation and corporate transformation, crucial for informed decision-making amid up to 80% failure rates in change initiatives. The program instills vital risk management skills, ensuring sustainable competitive advantage in today’s volatile business landscape. Participants learn to harness risk as a catalyst for effective corporate innovation, navigating uncertainties with expertise and transforming organizations for enduring success.

Learning Objectives

The program aims to empower participants with knowledge and skills to address their organisation’s risk management challenges. ARiMI-CCMP™ graduates will:

Navigate Change Dynamics

Gain insights into the crucial interplay among risk, change, and innovation, understanding their integral relationship for effective organizational development.

Address Resistance to Change

Identify and comprehend individuals’ attitudes toward change, discerning various forms of resistance and crafting effective strategies for mitigating resistance to change.

Build Strong Foundations for Change

Acquire proficiency in employing effective methodologies and frameworks for managing organizational change.

Build Change Management Toolbox

Discover practical tools and hone essential skills to confidently initiate and lead successful organizational change, equipping you for effective change management in dynamic environments.

Design Organizational Change Roadmaps

Acquire the ability to develop detailed implementation plans that support the effective execution of organizational change initiatives.

Program Modules

Risk CHAMPIONS Modules:

Leading ERM Initiatives/Projects for Organisations

RCM2: Implementing ERM - Systems Change & Nurturing A Risk-Aware Culture

This thought provoking and practical module will give participants an insight into the various ERM change methodologies and models, and their implications for corporate systems and culture transformation. You will learn a project implementation roadmap on how to nurture the type of risk-aware culture able to learn and adapt to continuous changes in the environment, and thus creating sustainable value for your organization.

RCM3 - Sustaining ERM: Managing Changes, Crises & Business Sustainability

This module emphasizes the importance of ERM in building organizational capabilities for continuous learning and business renewal. It provides a roadmap to deal with change and crises, using a practical problem-solving approach with a focus on the importance of system resilience, stakeholders’ perceptions management, effective crisis communication, and preparedness in preventing or controlling crisis situations.


Mastering the Process for Managing Risk & Value

RPM3: Corporate Ethics, Fraud & Compliance Risk Management

This practical module will provide you with the most updated current methodologies and best practices to protect your organization against fraud with strong corporate ethics, effective prevention and detection systems. Participants will also understand the extent to which organizations are exposed to the ever-increasing regulatory environment, how to identify the risk and compliance issues that have most significance and how to integrate and leverage a compliance management program within the ERM system of your organization.

RPM5: Corporate Performance & Human Capital Risk Management

This module introduces a methodology for mapping human relationships within organizations to identify their impact on organizational performance. Discover how to influence and shape behavior and culture to foster sustainable value creation. Learn to develop and utilize risk-adjusted Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align with organizational objectives, ensuring that your staff’s behavior supports business performance and interests.

Program Information

  • Hold a university degree
  • Have at least 1 year of professional experience

Course Dates

9 September 2024 (Mon): Program Orientation (up to 1 hour)

11 – 12 September 2024 (Wed – Thu): Modules RCM2 and RCM3

9 October 2024 (Wed): Module RPM3

6 November 2024 (Wed): Module RPM5

Exam Date

8 November 2024 (Fri): Online Exam

Registration Deadlines

11 July 2024: Closing registration date for Early Bird

28 August 2024: Closing registration date for the rest, including registrations with ARiMI Grants

Registration usually closes two weeks before the program begins.


Published Course Fee: SGD 3,195.00 nett

Early Bird Course Fee: SGD 2,435.00 nett (register by 11 July 2024 to be eligible)

Course Fee with 25% ARiMI Grant: SGD 2,396.25 nett

Course Fee with 35% ARiMI Grant: SGD 2,076.75 nett

Exam Fee: SGD 315.00 nett

20% Group Discount:

Register two or more participants from the same company for the program and receive a 20% discount on the published course fee. Discounts do not apply to examination fees and cannot be combined with ARiMI Grants or other offers.


  • Fully live online training
  • Interactive experiential learning
  • Blended learning
  • Collaborative learning (high-level peer engagement)
  • Allow flexible learning to combine work and study
    Personal coaching

Assessment & Feedback:

  • Self-evaluation
  • Group and peer evaluation
  • Faculty Feedback

Candidates are required to:

  • Meet the certification assessment requirements
  • Adhere to ARiMI Code of Professional Conduct
  • Agree to fulfill the requirements of ARiMI Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy applicable to certifications.

Certification Assessment

  • Attend a minimum of 75% of the required 4 modules.
  • Participate activity and engage in workshops.
  • Take a 1.5-hour online exam consisting of 75 multiple-choice questions.
  • Passing requires a minimum overall grade of 70%.

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