8-day Certified Enterprise-wide Risk Manager

Intake: 10 September 2024  l  Live Online Program.  Gain comprehensive training and hands-on experience with Action Learning Project.

8-day Certified Enterprise Risk Professional

Intake: 10 September 2024  l  Live Online.  Gain comprehensive training in Enterprise Risk Management.

4-day Certified Compliance Risk Officer

Intake: 10 September 2024  l  Live Online.  Navigate risks, enhance governance, and excel in compliance strategies.

4-day Certified Change Management Practitioner

Intake: 11 September 2024  l  Live Online. Embrace change and navigate uncertainties with risk management expertise for corporate innovation and transformation success.

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Enterprise Risk Management Live Online Sessions for Professionals and Managers

Established in Singapore, the Asia Risk Management Institute (ARiMI) is the trailblazer and the first institute dedicated to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) education and certification in Asia. As the premier institute in the region, we consistently advance our cutting-edge programs..

Join the ranks of innovators with our pioneering instructor-led ERM programs, now conveniently accessible through live online sessions!

ARiMI's Excellence in Risk Certification Programs

Asia Risk Management Institute’s (ARiMI) risk certification programs have garnered outstanding star ratings from participants. Our trainers are praised for their exceptional expertise and engaging instruction. The programs are celebrated for their relevance, offering practical knowledge that empowers participants to navigate complex risk environments with confidence. Join ARiMI for top-notch risk education and certification.

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Certified Compliance Risk Officer

Live Online on 10 Sep 2024


Certified Change Management Practitioner

Live Online on 11 Sep 2024

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Craft a tailored ERM system for business success. Master change methodologies, build crisis resilience, and gain a competitive edge. Elevate your organization with transformative insights now!



Step into mastery with our Risk Professional Master Class! Elevate your skills with advanced methodologies, tools, and leadership prowess. Be the force driving effective ERM, transforming your organization’s risk landscape for unparalleled success!



Discover our dynamic 1-day workshops at ARiMI! From introductory sessions for junior managers to advanced classes for senior management, dive into immersive, team-oriented learning on crucial risk management topics. Enroll today!

Singapore Hub, Global Reach. Where Knowledge Soars, Our Expertise We Impart.

Established in Singapore in 2003, the Asia Risk Management Institute (ARiMI) stands as the pioneer and the first institute dedicated to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) education and certification in Asia. This groundbreaking initiative addresses the escalating demand for robust risk management professional certifications in the region. As the premier institute, we consistently advance our cutting-edge programs.

ARiMI’s certification programs were initially introduced in collaboration with NUS Extension, the continuing education arm of the National University of Singapore (NUS), the nation’s premier university. Our programs have evolved to cater to the needs of qualified risk professionals, risk consultants, senior management, and executives across diverse global industries. Our impact spans healthcare, oil & gas, petrochemicals, finance, telecommunications, transport, media, consulting firms, government ministries, statutory boards, universities and training firms.