Risk Experts Master Class


Mastering the Risk Decision-Making & Management Process

Fee: SGD 4,285 nett; Early Bird Fee: SGD 3,770 nett

We have 2 intakes per calendar year. The program consists of 5 workshop modules, providing a comprehensive and structured learning path covering the entire Risk & Value Management Process. Each module is an intensive 7 hours of contact:

Hence, the essential purpose of this program is to equip participants with the methodologies and tools necessary to conduct comprehensive assessment and mapping of risks in projects & organizations in order to support effective decision-making.

The Risk EXPERTS Master Class is conducted either in Marina Centre area or the heart of Raffles Place, each day from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Modules & Course Dates

We have 2 intakes per calendar year. The program consists of 5 workshop modules, providing a comprehensive and structured learning path covering the entire Risk & Value Management Process. Each module is an intensive 7 hours of contact:

Risk EXPERTS Master Class Modules
Singapore – 2019 & 2020 Calendar
REM1 Risk Assessment & Corporate/Project Value Profile Diagnostic 25 Nov 2019 18 May 2020 30 Nov 2020
REM2 Risk Learning, Communication & Decision-Making 26 Nov 2019 19 May 2020 1 Dec 2020
REM3 Risk Control & Business Continuity Management 27 Nov 2019 20 May 2020 2 Dec 2020
REM4 Risk Financing & Transfer Solutions 28 Nov 2019 21 May 2020 3 Dec 2020
REM5 KRIs/KPIs Dashboard: Risk Monitoring, Reporting & Improvement 29 Nov 2019 22 May 2020 4 Dec 2020

The Risk Leaders Master Class will help foster effect Risk Decision-Making and Management!

Key Learning Objectives
  • Objective 1: A better Risks identification method and process that makes threats and opportunities (including “Black Swans”) more visible and measurable so that they can be analysed effectively.
  • Objective 2: A practical knowledge of effective risk analysis and mapping tools (quantitative & Qualitative), as well as the analytical ability to interpret data and support effective decision-making.
  • Objective 3: The capability to improve corporate planning & decision-making by allocating and using scarce resources to relevant risk/opportunties issues through the application of Risk methodologies & tools.

Who Should Join?

The program is targeted at senior executives to senior managers/Directors from all industry sectors and functions who are concerned with the challenge of making important decisions in an uncertain environment and who need to understand how risk will influence their ability to deliver positive results and be successful in their organisations.

What are the Benefits for YOU?

  • Gain new knowledge of risk management most recent and effective tools and methodologies
  • Pick up Methodologies, Tools and Techniques that can be applied immediately at work to improve your work performance and effectiveness
  • Enhance your leadership and risk decision-making skills by learning how to optimize Risks and Opportunities
  • Build your network with risk and other professionals and learn from direct industry experience in managing risks
  • Leverage your new knowledge & skills to gain a competitive edge over your peers and enhance your career advancement opportunities

What are the Benefits for YOUR ORGANISATION?

  • Having In-House Risk Experts really able to improve your organization’s performance by optimizing the overall strategic and operational risks/return balance
  • Increase your stakeholders confidence in your Risk Management system and people capabilities
  • Improve Strategy, reduce waste and enhance operational efficiency with better decisions, improved risk-based processes and control systems supported by the development of a risk-aware culture

Application & Administration Details

Eligibility Requirements

Our short courses (workshops and seminars) are only open to professionals. Specific eligibility requirements may be applicable depending the program considered

Program Assessment

Not required.

Certificate of Completion

Only participants who registered for the Risk EXPERTS Master Class course, have attended all the required modules, and met all financial obligations to ARiMI will receive Certificate of Completion from ARiMI.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Participants who registered for the CPRM™ Program will not be entitled to receive the Certificate of Completion for the REM modules attended under the CPRM™ Program

Continuous Professional Learning Development

Within 2 years of completion of the Risk EXPERTS Master Class, you can also further develop toward the Certified Professional Risk Manager (ARiMI-CPRM™) designation by completing the Risk LEADERS Master Class.

ARiMI also offers other Master Classes, Professional Certifications and Specialized Fundamental Certifications for Risk Professionals to answer their most demanding development needs at different stages of their career progressions. For more information, please visit our website at www.arimi.org.

For an overview of ARiMI LECP™ Professional Learning & Competency Framework, click here.

Program Fees & Discounts

Program fees are payable in full, before the program commencement, to Asia Risk Management Institute and includes:

  • Workshop/seminar sessions & facilitation
  • Course content guides & instructional materials
  • Templates of key risk management tools
  • Interaction with risk management peers
  • Coffee breaks during workshop days

Discounts are available for group registrations, and Alumni of ARiMI (Certification Programs only), NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SIT and SUSS who are NOT sponsored by company/organisation. Registrants are entitled to only one category of discount. All discount offers cannot be combined with any other offers. Terms & conditions apply. Contact ARiMI at info@arimi.org for more information on the types of discount available and whether you are eligible for it

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Risk EXPERTS Module – REM1
Risk Assessment & Corporate/Project Value Profile Diagnostic
Risk Assessment Methodologies for Strategic & Operational Risk Mapping



Modern organisations are now confronted to an increased level of volatility and complexity in today's global business environment. And to make effective decisions, you will need to conduct a proper diagnostic of the risk profile of your organization. This module will introduce our Value and Risk mapping model, highlights the benefits, and summarizes the method of identifying, analysing risks and developing risk maps. It will also describe several applications, some pretty unconventional, for risk mapping in an organisation.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk EXPERTS Module – REM2
Risk Learning, Communication & Decision Making
A practical Guide to Master Communication of RIsk Information & Enable Effective Risk-Taking



This module provides the techniques and training in developing people who can master the art and science of communicating about risks with the various groups of internal and external stakeholders. Thus, proactively anticipates on risk issues and prevent crises or if a crisis is inevitable, to limit and overcome the damage it creates.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk EXPERTS Module – REM3
Risk Control & Business Continuity Management
A Framework to Build Resilient Risk Management Systems & Solutions to Foster Effective Risk-Taking, Mitigation & Monitoring



This module provides an understanding on the types of ERM Models that can be designed to deal effectively with the risk issues an organization is exposed to. Participants wil learn the Key Risk Controls to Protect your Tangible and Intangible Assets. This module will guide you through a wide range of risk management strategies/interventions, explains how they work and suggests when they are most appropriate.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk EXPERTS Module – REM4
Risk Financing & Transfer Solutions
How to Finance Risks to Your Business and Operations Effectively through the Use of Capital, Insurance & ART Techniques



The module provides a detailed understanding on the wide range and types of losses an organisation is exposed to and the potential financial impacts of those losses. Participants wil learn the Key Risk Financing Techniques to protect the Tangible and Intangible Assets. How and when to select and apply the right financing Techniques and how to analyze carefully the pros and cons associated with the financing techniques of transfer, retention and insurance.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk EXPERTS Module – REM4
KRIs/KPIs Dashboard: Risk Monitoring, Reporting & Improvement
Develop an Effective Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) Dashboard to Measure, Monitor & Improve Organisational Performance in Managing Risks.



Without proper risk metrics, there cannot be any risk management. This module will explore the two dynamic processes of strategic/operational response and continuous change learning that are critical for an effective risk control system. It also explains how they can be explicitly structured and monitored, using a series of reports and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and distributed timely to the people who need them to make the right decisions.

Click here for more information about the module