3-Day Risk Leaders Master Class

Empowering Everyone to Excel in Risk. Master the Art of Successful Risk Management!


28 May 2024


3 Days


100% Live Online


Certificate of Completion

Risk Leaders Course Overview

The 3-day Risk Leaders Master Class is designed to empower business leaders with the latest tools and insights for robust risk governance. Leveraging Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), participants gain a thorough understanding of enhancing operational reliability, fostering crisis resilience, and facilitating effective risk-taking, innovation, and change. The program underscores the significance of these aspects in laying the groundwork for sustainable and profitable performance. By bridging theoretical knowledge with practical applications, attendees are equipped to navigate the complexities of modern business environments. This master class serves as a vital resource for leaders aiming to stay ahead in risk management practices, ensuring their organizations not only manage risks effectively but also thrive in dynamic and challenging landscapes. Ultimately, the program positions participants to drive long-term success and resilience in their organizations through informed risk management strategies.

Learning Objectives

Holistic Understanding Across Domains

Develop a cross-disciplinary grasp of corporate governance, risk management, and crisis concepts, tools, and best practices from various fields.

Risk/Opportunities Recognition

Identify current and emerging risks/opportunities in the global economic, social, regulatory, and cultural landscape.

Risk Leaders Business Case Mastery

Learn to construct a compelling business case for ERM, exploring the design of an effective ERM Business Model.

Enhancement Through ERM

Explore ERM’s role in fortifying and transforming the organizational Business Model, enhancing operational reliability, building resilience, fostering innovation, and promoting shared value creation.

Course Modules

Risk LEADERS Modules

The Essential of Risk & Value Management

RLM1: Risk-Taking & Value Creation Management in Organisations – Principles, Theory & Practices

This introductory module offers a framework for crafting a dynamic vision of risk management, known as Enterprise-wide Risk Management (ERM). It provides a roadmap to comprehend the origins, current scope, and purpose of ERM principles, methodologies, and tools. Topics covered include definitions of risk, the risk maturity model, role functions, and the benefits of risk management. It also explores aspects such as corporate governance, stakeholders, various global risk management models, and successful implementation strategies.

RLM2: Business Ethics, Social Responsibility & Corporate Value Sustainability

In a morally ambiguous world lacking a definitive guide for leaders facing dilemmas in managing risks and opportunities, this module delves into the intricate ethical and social aspects of business. It offers a framework to assist participants in making and justifying tough decisions. Additionally, it examines the construction of a business model centered on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to generate shared value by positively impacting the environment, consumers, employees, and other stakeholders.

RLM3: Innovation, Change & Project Risk Management

This module is rich with essential content, focusing on the basics of project risk management. Participants will acquire skills in establishing and executing a systematic approach to predict, monitor, and address risk factors in both large and small projects. Additionally, the module guides individuals on effective communication and distributing the responsibility of managing project risks among team members, customers, and management.

Course Information

Risk Leaders Master Class is accessible to executives and individuals seeking career advancement through specialized development opportunities.

Course Dates

27 May 2024 (Mon): Program Orientation (up to 1 hour)

28 – 30 May 2024 (Tue – Thu): Modules RLM1, RLM2 and RLM3

Registration Deadlines

28 March 2024: Closing registration date for Early Bird

20 May 2024: Closing registration date for the rest, including registrations with ARiMI Grants

Registration usually closes two weeks before the program begins.


Published Course Fee: SGD 2,405.00 nett

Early Bird Course Fee: SGD1,845.00 nett (register by 19 January 2024 to be eligible)

Course Fee with 20% ARiMI Grant: SGD 1,924.00 nett

20% Group Discount:

Register two or more participants from the same company for the program and receive a 20% discount on the published course fee. Discounts do not apply to examination fees and cannot be combined with ARiMI Grants or other offers.


  • Fully live online training
  • Interactive experiential learning
  • Blended learning
  • Collaborative learning (high-level peer engagement)
  • Allow flexible learning to combine work and study
    Personal coaching
  • Attend a minimum of 75% of the required 3 modules.
  • Participates are encouraged to be engaged actively during workshops

Chart Your Path to Excellence: Begin Your Learning Voyage with Us

The Path Forward After the Risk LEADERS Master Class

Elevate your expertise further by enrolling in the Risk EXPERTS Master Class – the perfect next step to deepen your knowledge and skills.

Delve into advanced concepts and strategies to refine your risk management prowess. For the ultimate recognition of your proficiency, consider registering for the direct examination after you have completed the Risk Leaders and Risk Experts Master Classes, leading to Certified Professional Risk Manager (ARiMI-CPRM™).

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Step 1

Risk LEADERS Master Class

After completing the 3-day Risk Leaders Master Class, only two steps stand between you and the ARiMI-CPRM™ certification.

Step 2

Risk EXPERTS Master Class

Secure your spot! Elevate your skills in our 5-day Risk Experts Master Class for unparalleled professional development.

Step 3


Be recognised for your expertise! Register for the ARiMI-CPRM™ certification examination and advance your professional credentials.