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Embark on a transformative learning journey with ARiMI’s two comprehensive and complementary learning streams programs covering the entire field of ERM. Our ERM certifications set the bar high, ensuring the utmost professional competency standards for practicing risk professionals based on ISO 31000, COSO and other relevant industry standards from around the world.

By choosing ARiMI, you not only gain in-depth knowledge but also provide assurance to employers that you possess the skills to add significant value to your organization. Choose excellence with ARiMI’s trusted credentials and stand out in the field of risk management.


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Two ERM Learning Streams, Three Professional Certifications

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ARIMI professional standards are organized into two ERM complementary learning streams that focus on these key objectives:

Develop & Empower People - the Decision-Makers

to become astute risk-takers and managers, equipped with the knowledge, skills and ethical principles to navigate complex decisions, creating sustainable value and effectively managing risks.

Transform & Optimize Organizations

into vibrant hubs of continuous learning and innovation, fostering capabilities like control systems supported by a Risk-Aware & Crisis Readiness Culture, ensuring sustained and profitable growth.

The Certified Professional Risk Manager (ARiMI-CPRM™) program, focuses on PEOPLE, while the Certified Enterprise Risk Professional (ARiMI-CERP™) and Certified Enterprise-wide Risk Manager (ARiMI-CERM™) enhance ORGANIZATIONAL ERM strategies, systems and culture.

Unlock your potential with these programs, equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills tailored to meet your career and personal development needs while concurrently adding value to your organization. Elevate your mastery of the entire Risk Management field by enrolling in both learning streams, earning not just proficiency but comprehensive Professional Certifications.

Your journey to excellence starts here. Enroll today for a transformative impact on your career and organizational success!

Explore the Three ERM Professional Certifications



FOCUS on PEOPLE: Develop and cultivate expertise in risk-driven strategic, operational and crisis decision-making for individuals at all levels within the organization.



FOCUS on ORGANIZATIONS: Build and cultivate value-driven ERM strategies, systems and foster a risk-aware culture within organizations.



FOCUS on ORGANIZATIONS: Incorporating ARiMI-CERP™ course content, ARiMI-CERM™ advances a step further – providing the opportunity to lead an ERM implementation or improvement project through an Action Learning Project.


To develop effective Decision-Makers with practical knowledge, skills & values for effective risk & crisis management.

Target Participants

Geared towards Risk Professionals, and any Executives / Managers / Heads of Departments looking to develop strategic risk leadership and decision-making skills.

Program Agenda

  • Risk management principles & methodologies
  • Risk identification, assessment & mapping
  • Strategic & operational risk decision-making
  • Risk treatment & Solutions
  • Crisis management & navigating disruptions
  • Risk communication & reporting


To develop Risk Professionals and Risk Coordinators responsible for ERM activities management.

Target Participants

Geared towards ERM Professionals, and any Executives / Managers / Leaders responsible or involved in ERM implementation projects.

Program Agenda

  • Strategic risk acumen & alignment with organizational sustainability goals
  • Designing ERM strategies, frameworks & practices
  • Risk governance structure
  • Risk aware ethical culture
  • Human capital & performance risk management




To develop Risk Professionals and ERM Champions in charge of leading ERM initiatives and projects.

Target Participants

Same as for ARiMI-CERP™

Includes an additional opportunity to enhance participants’ ERM expertise through practical experience gained from an Action Learning Project (ALP).

Program Agenda

Everything in ARiMI-CERP™

Practical application through Action Learning Project (ALP):

  • Integration of ERM within organizational systems & cultures
  • Practical ERM dimensions for organizational impact