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…exposure to it (cloud, mobile, etc.) Uncover the methods and motives for the cyber attacks that can affect your organization How to assess the full potential range of impacts of an information security breach in your organization Learn how to use penetration testing to identify vulnerability and improve security Build cyber intelligence system to ensure continuous threats awareness and detection Learn how to build hard and soft cyber controls to mitigate known and emerging cyber threats Learn how to manage cyber attacks (recognition, containment, eradication and recovery) to minimise operational, financial and reputational damages Tool Box Cyber risk assessment score… Read More

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…and hands on technology manager with core expertise centered on the use of technology, process engineering and information analytics. His current areas of interest include Customer Experience Design, Sense Making, Cyber Risks, Data Analytics and Digital Transformation. He has also been assisting entrepreneurs in their efforts at business planning and risk management. He is an active member of startup and incubation hubs based out of Singapore, Canada & Bangalore where he mentors early stage technology and ceramic art ventures. Bala holds and MBA from National University of Singapore and a Masters Degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute… Read More

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