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…Organization: Design an organization suitably structured to support good corporate governance and risk management Reporting: Develop reporting systems structured to provide transparency and accountability Compliance: Understand the implications of regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley for corporate accountability and ethical behaviour Workshop Outline: WHAT You Will Cover History and Evolution of Corporate Governance Stakeholders Theory in the Corporate Governance ‘game’ Basic paradigm of Corporate Governance: the Agency Dilemma Relationship among corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) Regulatory requirements for corporate governance (e.g. Sarbannes Oxley) Factors influencing the types of Corporate Governance Systems in Organizations Types of Board of Directors… Read More

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…business. With the influx of information from multiple points, organisations may be overwhelmed by being able to understand and using their corporate data effectively. This may lead to mishandling and data leakage of corporate data which may be a costly affair for businesses. We aim to create a seamless integration of information that allows it to flow freely and securely within an organisation, allowing teams to collaborate and access their corporate data efficiently. Through our Data Management and Data Security Solutions, we strive towards securing your valuable corporate data, your true asset in your organisation. Unleash your digital potential with… Read More

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Certified Compliance Risk Officer (ARiMI-CCRO)

requirements have become a RISK in itself affecting corporate performance due to the ever rising number of complex and often-conflicting regulations that organizations have to comply with around the world. Such environments do not provide clear visibility into the organisations’ risk and compliance profile, create risks, deteriorate performance, and escalate the cost of (non-)compliance. Hence, the essential purpose of the ARIMI-CCRO™ Program is to equip Risk & Compliance professionals with the knowledge, methodologies and tools to create a GRC(Governance, Risk & Compliance) strategy that integrate effective control systems with corporate culture to ensure business ethic, proper governance and effective… Read More

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Business Continuity Management REM4 – Risk Financing & Transfer Solutions REM5 – KRIs/KPIs Dashboard: Risk Monitoring, Reporting & Improvement For Professionals Responsible for ERM Transform ORGANIZATIONS Leading ERM Transformation Projects RCM1 – Designing ERM: Risk Management Frameworks, Systems & Culture RCM2 – Implementing ERM: Systems Change & Nurturing a Risk-Aware Culture RCM3 – Sustaining ERM: Managing Changes, Crises & Business Sustainability Build Organizational CAPABILITES Setting & Managing ERM Activities & Practices RPM1 – Corporate Reputation & Stakeholders Risk Management RPM2 – Corporate Governance & Enterprise Risk Management <a… Read More

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…risk, but also to broader trends across regulatory and compliance areas. We will analyse and assess the benefits of using advanced technology in Governance, Risk & Compliance environments, and the essential human elements required for appropriate planning and execution. New Appreciation Of Risk & Compliance As Business Enablers The content is designed not only to provide an all-round advanced level exposure to critical Delegates will leave with a sense of purpose towards strong Corporate Governance for preventing financial crime related issues, as well as a new appreciation of Risk and Compliance not as resource-based cost centres, but as business enablers… Read More