Join ARiMI and collaborate with a fast growing network of professionals working to improve the knowledge base, increase the standards and define the professional practices of risk management globally.

The Risk Management EXPLOSION! ERM is a critical item on the 'To Do' list of most organizations today. Regulators, Board Members and other stakeholders now require that organizations manage their risks more proactively, systematically and effectively. ARiMI Risk Wise Community is here to help you deliver ... It is a network of risk professionals from different industries working to define and share enterprise risk management best practices in terms of methodologies and tools in order to assist you not only protect the value of your organizations but more importantly to use risk management as a strategic undertaking to dramatically improve corporate performance and to set the highest level of industry standards.

Online access to:

  • essential educational and information tools and resources,
  • research tools and papers
  • career services
  • expert-led roundtables,
  • conferences and
  • interactive discussions forum on hot topics

are part of what the ARiMI Risk Wise Community will offer.

IMPORTANT: The portal is still under construction. Meanwhile if you are interested to find out more about Risk Wise and wishes to cooperate with ARiMI, complete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.