Rate your approach to Risk-taking!

Risk-Taking Attitude self-assessment questions

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained! Taking Risks is critical to an organisation’s ability to seize opportunities and achieve success. Where do you stand in terms of how you take risk? Answer the all following questions and be sure to rate yourself as candidly as possible to ensure a frank and open assessment.

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Taking risks makes good sense only in the absence of other acceptable alternatives.

I generally prefer stimulation over security

If I make mistakes, I have confidence in my ability to recover from them, no matter how big

I would promote someone with strong potential but limited experience to a key position over someone with more limited potential but more experience

Anything worth doing is also worth doing less than perfectly

I believe that opportunity generally knocks only once or twice

It is better to ask for permission, than to beg for forgiveness

Success in business is as much, if not more, a matter of luck as it is of ability

I would prefer a three-thousand-dollar pay raise instead of a ten-thousand-dollar annual performance related bonus

I can handle big losses and disappointments with little difficulty

If forced to choose between them, I think safety is more important than achievement

Failure is the long road to management success

Ambiguity and unpredictability is bad for business

I would rather feel the intense disappointment of failure than intense regret of not having tried

When facing a decision with very uncertain consequences, my potential losses are my greatest concern

It is better to miss an opportunity rather than make a big mistake

We have in reality very limited control over what can happen in our work and life

I often rely on my intuition and instinct to make important decisions

Money must keep moving to make more money

Following commonly accepted "best pratices" is essential for business success


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