Alliances & Partners

Since it was established in 2003, ARiMI have already accumulated a rich history and expertise in Risk Management Education and Research and developed an international reputation for academic excellence and innovative teaching methods.

As a strong endorsement of the Institute's credentials and competency in offering professional learning solutions, we have collaborated over time with a wide range of premier league organisations and institutions around the world, such as National University of Singapore, AICPCU, CARM Institute, Monetary Authority of Singapore, United Engineers Limited and so on.

With our sponsors and partners, we provide the latest in research, best practices, cutting-edge tools and techniques, and new frameworks and solutions in Risk and Crisis Management for our customers in Asia. Our sponsors also ensure that ARiMI is focused on delivering value. They contribute to the Institute's research programs, curriculum development and to the development of new innovative course content, as well as the overall strategic direction for their particular area of expertise.

With that strong support, we have become a leading research and professional development institution in the field of Risk Management in Asia.

Types and Benefits of Partnerships

The ARiMI proudly joins its expertise with its Partners who can offer the Risk Management tools, techniques, concepts, and philosophies that help our alumni/members and their organizations succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

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